"Clearly we live in a world of signs, and just as clearly the meaning of those signs is shifting and unstable...
this is not to say that everybody accepts the situation. It is axiomatic that those in power prefer a
straightforward approach to the symbolic. The flag is the flag, pornography is pornography, and that's that.
Leone & Macdonald opposed this sort of falsely decisive thinking-thinking that divides, prohibits and excludes."

Richard Kalina, from a review of Leone & Macdonald''s exhibition "Divided By" at Gracie Mansion Gallery, 
Art in America, January 1991.

 1994, Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris. 
The artist's cut, pulped and beat their personal wardrobe into 1000 sheets of 17" x 27" paper,
a 15th century European paper size.  Each set of colored paper represents one article of clothing. 

Double Foolscap, 1994, Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris, Installation Image

Double Foolscap (Detail)

Double Fool (Double Foolscap (Detail)

The Artist's Wardrobe   ( Detail)

Taking its name from a nursery rhyme written during the time of the Plague, "Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down" is a Memorial containing the names of those who died of AIDS or AIDS complications in braille embossed on the surface of sand in a sandbox.  Many AIDS patients specifically  died after having gone blind while drugs that appeared to prevent that blindness languished in the FDA's approval process. 

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down (detail)  

Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down (Installation View)

Speaking Secrets is a meditation on childhood sexual abuse. The text on a chalkboard wall contains voices of authority on sexual abuse, from survivors of abuse and abusers to doctors, sociologists and journalists, written rewritten and erased and thus only partially decipherable. A bronze wish bone hangs precariously above and just out of reach of a  bronze child's chair. The source of the child's pain invisible if a child were to be seated in the chair.  Henry Art Gallery, 1999

Speaking  Secrets (detail)  

Speaking Secrets (Installation View)

54 branding irons, each representing a different sexual term in Gregg's shorthand. The brand used as the painters mark here is historically a mark of identification, ownership and transgression. Bed frames, both adult and child sized wrapped in muslin then burned and  branded using the language of the law as it is used in official recordings of legal proceedings. Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1993. 

Sex Studies  (Installation View)

 Sex Studies: Intercourse 51" x 26"

At the intersection of sexuality and the law what makes an image pornographic? US Law deems pornography as that which the general public would deem as prurient. Fawbush Gallery, 1992

Prurient Appeals 72" x 48", branded homosote 

 Passing, in order to get by, is the ability to be perceived as someone else.  "Passing"  is a 9 ' x 12 ' installation video that borrows this term from the history of race, expanding it to include a range of contemporary masquerades, among them gender, ethnicity, and class. Woven from real personal histories, Passing is composed of 12 independently choreographed and moving images accompanied by an asynchronic sound track.

 Arthouse Multimedia Centre for the Arts, Dublin, Ireland, 1996  (Installation View)